Take Care Of That Zip On Your Face
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Take Care Of That Zip On Your Face

When you pop a pimple, you’re breaking open your skin to push the pus and other funk out. Yes, it’s a little violent, so you want to take care to protect your skin and repair the affected area.

Follow these steps to rid yourself of pimples in a way that minimizing the risk of infection and scarring:

  • Take a shower. Showering will soften up the skin, making it break easier and the process less damaging.
  • Wash your hands. You want to avoid having your fingers and nails make contact with the zit, but make sure they’re clean just in case.  Be sure to clean underneath your fingernails.
  • Apply pressure. Place one fingertip on either side of the zit. Press slowly, squeezing your fingers together and outwards. The pressure put on the puss should break the surface of your skin. If the pimple won’t pop under a moderate amount of pressure, don’t force it.
  • Squeeze. Gently squeeze the pus through the opening in your skin. Stop once it seems all the pus has been removed, or if you see clear liquid or blood.
  • Clean the affected area. Wipe down with an antiseptic to ensure no bacteria will resume the infection, and apply an anti-acne cream like Clearasil directly to the zit to combat any remaining bacteria.

While popping your zits can be strangely satisfying, it should not be a common occurrence. If you find that you’re popping zits frequently, consider making changes to your diet and/or hygiene routine. Also be sure to make your girlfriend follows these steps when she plays battleship on your back!

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