7 Steps To Using a Shave Brush
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7 Steps To Using a Shave Brush

  • Always wet the shave brush with warm water and immediately shake off the excess.
  • Begin by rotating the brush over a tub of shaving cream or shave soap.
  • Next, apply the product to your beard, always moving the brush in a circular motion.
  • Remember, if you don’t shake off the excess water the lather on your face will start dripping.
  • If you miss any spots, make sure to retouch.
  • Once you’ve shaved going with the grain, if you want to get a closer shave, apply more shaving solution with your shave brush and go against the grain.


The key is to take your time and don’t apply too much product. Allow the shave brush to lift up the hairs so you can get a closer shave.

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