Why You Shouldn’t Act Cheap
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Why You Shouldn’t Act Cheap

There’s nothing worse than being a cheap man. A few years ago, my sister brought home her then boyfriend to meet our family. After brunch, my sister’s boyfriend offered to give me a ride back to my place. As we were coming out of the parking garage, I remember him asking my sister to pay for parking. From that moment on, I never respected that guy the same way. I watched his cheapness bring my sister misery, which ultimately contributed to their breakup.

  • A woman is a man’s guest, period. Therefore he pays her way. This holds true for restaurants, cabs, or coffee shops.


  • A woman has the prerogative to say no if she wants to pay for herself.


  • If you’re going to the same destination, but just as two guests and aren’t together, then she should technically pay her own way. But it’s still incredibly cordial to offer.


  • Just face it, you have a role and that role is to be a provider. Embrace it, accept it, and be a man about it.
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