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Valentine’s Day is marketed as a festival of love, especially the erotic type, but for many of us it’s that stressful week in February where we struggle to choose the perfect gift to symbolize our feelings for our partner without scaring or disappointing her. While some women are happy to forget the whole holiday, if Valentine’s Day is important to the main lady in your life then it needs to be important to you too. Let us take the guess work out of putting together the perfect evening with our top three suggestions.


1. When it comes to chocolates, it’s all or nothing

Candies and flowers can be the perfect token of your affection, but only if you plan ahead and choose the very finest. If you’re considering scooping up a bouquet and chocolate heart from the grocery store on your way home, I suggest skipping ahead to the next tip and leaving the economy chocolates on the shelf for another procrastinating, Romeo. Search your favorite review site for a boutique chocolate artisan or bakery and call ahead to reserve a top-of-the-line treat. If your sweetie appreciates more risque gifts, then skip the flowers and accompany your candies with a colorful bouquet of sex toys and lubes.


2. Keep the focus on her

I’ve met so many gentlemen with the best intentions and worst outcomes when it comes to a sexy Valentine’s Day celebration. If you’re picking out lingerie, erotic novelties, or the aforementioned bouquet of sex toys and lubes, remember to keep the focus on her fantasies more than yours. You might have a fantasy that has evolved from the videos on twinki.xxx, for example, but if that is not something she is into then don’t go down that route. If she doesn’t find the toy attractive, un-intimidating and useful, she won’t like using it with you. If the lingerie leaves her feeling itchy, objectified, unpleasantly exposed, or is the wrong size, then she won’t have fun wearing it that evening. Worse yet, if you bring home the wrong item she may feel that you don’t really understand or value her sexually. If she has dropped hints about erotic gifts, make the most of them, or look for trends in the items she already owns to see what she likes. If you’re still not sure, then take her shopping so she can choose her own delights and have fun trying them out with you.


3. Give her your full attention

Whether you choose a romantic dinner or other outing, sweet tokens of affection, or scandalous gifts, make sure she has your full attention. That means keeping your eyes firmly where they belong: on her. Turn your phone all the way off at the beginning of the date, and keep it off. Make sure your body language shows the same attention with lots of loving glances, hand holding, and seats that are close to each other. After all, even the best Valentine’s Day gift will fall flat if she doesn’t realize that she already has your heart.

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