What Does SPF Mean?
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What Does SPF Mean?

  • SPF means Sun Protection Factor.
  • UV light (or Ultra Violet) is divided into two classes: UVA and UVB.
  • UVB causes sunburn and UVA has more long-term effects on the skin, the first being premature aging.
  • SPF numbers measure a sunscreen’s impact against UVB rays.
  • SPF numbers start at 2 and go all the way up to 70.



UV/UV radiation is part of the electro-magnetic spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. The wavelengths that it provides are shorter than visible light, so it’s pretty much invisible to the naked eye. The issue with UV light is it damages the skin’s cellular DNA. Therefore, excessive UV radiation can lead to skin cancer. When you’re tanning for instance, UVA light is the dominant tanning ray, so whether you’re indoors or outdoors it increases damage over time. Stay the hell out of tanning booths because the high pressure sun lamps used in tanning salons emit twelve times as much UVA light as the sun does. Plus, they make you look orange.

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