PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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Water covers nearly 70% of our planet and yet we never really stop to think about where it all comes from. This can leave you in a very bad position should you ever find yourself without some good old dihydrogen monoxide. Here’s where to get some:


The Tap

Seriously, American tap water is some of the safest and most reliable potable water on the planet. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. It’s delicious, refreshing, healthy and cheap.


Bottled Water

The only thing you’re buying with a bottle of water is the bottle (and maybe the portability that goes with it). The water? It’s not any healthier than tap water, despite what the bottling industry would have you believe. After all, they have a lot riding on it. And if your wallet won’t change your mind, think of the environment! All those bottles have to come from somewhere and that’s a lot of plastic manufacturing taking place just so you can pay an exorbitant amount of money for water.


Reusable Plastic Bottles

Lately, there have been a growing number of concerns about a potentially toxic chemical called BPA found in many of the clear plastic bottles used for reusable drinking containers. And rightfully so—the stuff can really do some damage if too much is ingested. However, most bottles are made without BPA today. And besides, more BPA was found lining aluminum cans than in bottles anyway. So unless you’re drinking water out of a can, then you don’t have too much to worry about. But if you are drinking water out of a can, you should worry about the life decisions that led you to do such a ridiculous thing.


Coconuts and Cacti

So if you actually find yourself away from all of civilization, just turning a spout for water won’t be such an option. Luckily, Mother Nature likes to hoard water and you can find it all around if you look hard enough. Unripened coconuts are filled with coconut water and if you’re able to crack one of those bad boys, you have a delicious drink on your hands. Trapped in a desert? Cacti are able to store gallons in their fleshy pulp if you’re able to make it past the barbs. But if you’re stuck in a desert, something tells us you’ll be able to get past a few pricks.

If you aren’t stuck on an island or trapped in a desert, you can also find such luxuries in the grocery store. These babies are replacing sports drinks left and right due to the fact that they are fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in calories, and full of electrolytes. Coconut water is about 95% water and an excellent choice for an athlete looking for a little more.


Fancy Water

You have to admit it, a glass of sparkling water is a good thirst quencher and a vitamin-enriched water always seems to help those hangovers. Better yet, swap out your daily soda for sparkling water, for that fizzy taste that hydrates the body minus the sugar and calories. Just be careful, some mineral water or club soda also contains sodium. And those vitamin-enriched waters are loaded with sugar.


Doesn’t matter if you like it bottled or tap—just be sure to drink plenty of water. However, it’s a common myth that you need 8 glasses. Just remember around 80% of your water intake comes from beverages (including juice, milk and even your coffee), but the other 20% comes from food such as fruits and veggies. Yes, that’s correct, your coffee and tea hydrate just as well as water but pure water is still the best.


PRZ TIP: Drink a glass of water for every cocktail you consume to beat a hangover.

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