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The ball of fire is hanging in the sky longer and it’s getting harder to hide in the shadows. It’s time to reconsider your sunglass game. Sunglasses are my favorite addition to any styling, and my fervor might border on slight obsession. Of course, I always consider practicality but that doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes get away with form over function. Don’t be the guy wearing them on a rainy day or out at the bar, you are not on True Blood. We’re here to help you out so you don’t pick the wrong shape for your face either. We don’t want anyone throwing shade at you for being clueless with your sunglass choice.


Time for you to walk around white hot this summer with some smarter choices when it comes to sunglasses. Your face comes in one of three shapes: round, rectangular or triangular. The idea is to contrast the shape of the frame with the shape of your head. No doubt, the perfect sunglass choice can help you develop your personal style.


Fit Your Face


Round Face: Avoid wearing round glasses, as this will make you look like an egghead.


Triangle Face: You can pretty much rock any shape sunglass. Lucky you.


Square Face: Avoid wearing rectangular frames. Go with something softer and more flowing.


The edge of the frame should match up with the edge of your head. You can always go bigger to make a statement.


Styles We Love

Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, thick bands, big lenses, small and rounded. Look at the fantastical shades of Sir Elton John, the classic Wayfarers of Andy Warhol, or the sharp look of Mad Men’s Don Draper; sunglasses can quickly give someone an iconic style. Below are some tried and true styles and some revamped classic styles.




This is the hundred dollar look. Sexy and sophisticated. For a slightly evolved take on this style, try out the 49er classic Havana by Retro Super Future.



John Lennon

Round frames are still in. Thanks in part to the steampunk subculture. Giorgio Armani 304 will get you there. 



Flash Forward

Let the eccentric out. Not recommended as an everyday look, but totally cool for walking around the farmers market or hanging at the beach. Check out the W by Retro Super Future.


Sunglasses are the finishing piece to any styling, and when chosen correctly they can totally elevate your game. You want a high level of protection from the sun and UV rays. This will keep your eyes healthy and you’ll avoid wrinkles as you age. You can find ultra hip one of a kind looks from independent designers and our friends at Brooklyn born.

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