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Who picks up a phone to call someone?

Zak Morris, your grandmother, and I am sure a few others. It’s like having a pen pal and writing a handwritten letter on personalized card stock with the wax seal – people rarely do that stuff anymore. The art of communication is quickly changing, and talking over the phone waves is becoming an antiquated style of expressing oneself, especially in the dating world. Instead of meeting the person and actually getting to know each other, you’re exposed to pictures of them in a Las Vegas style meet and greet, having to swim past the people getting drunk.


1. Read between the lines

It’s so easy for people to text each other, in fact, it’s so easy for people to meet each other online. Even on sites like Kik, you can easily find kik usernames of the people that you would like to meet up with, and then you can talk to them on there. The obvious problem with texting is that so much is easily lost in translation. Sometimes, what one hopes to convey is not always received. One can come across as short or uninterested when they actually have a different style of communication. Remove the body language and it’s often hard to read someone’s intention with just a few lines of SMS. Texting does not always occur in real time and therefore we have a chance to structure exactly how we respond to a situation, as opposed to offering our first reaction.


2. Have we become closed off?

Has this quick convenient form of communicating pushed us into a comfortable turtle shell where we don’t have to take chances and put ourselves out there completely? We don’t have the pressure of being truthful, upfront, and honest in the moment. People make up so much bullshit, suddenly a criminal is a caregiver, a pervert is a virgin, and a hunter is saving the animals.


3. Show the love

Okay, even with all of the spewing above, texting is not all bad. Texting can get the woman to admit she is also interested. If you know girls, then you know it’s best to take your time and not rush. The sex is generally better too. It can be a sweet sexy way to check in with your lover throughout the day when a phone call is just not reasonable or a nice way to wake them up in the morning.


Texting is never

  • An excuse to misspell words or use bad grammar. You are an educated man and want to be perceived as one.
  • A way to ask a woman out on a date.
  • Cancel a date.
  • Send selfies of yourself checking out your own six-pack.


It might be okay

As a way to ask for a sexual favor. We leave that one up to you to feel out for yourself.


A few more tips:

Use your short text codes sparingly – perhaps times that you want to release your inner Japanese tween. We are talking things like ‘smh’ or ‘lmfao.’ After you take a lady’s number send her a text so she has yours. This is a smooth move.

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