Table Manners 101
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Table Manners 101

There are certain things you do at the dinner table and certain things you don’t. By using basic table manners, you’ll be conducting yourself courteously and respectfully to those dining with you – and it’ll make you look completely legit.


  • If you act like an impatient hungry hippo and shove food in your mouth that’s too hot, don’t spit it out or remove it from your mouth. Just drink some water to cool off.


  • When eating foods that contain bones, make sure you aren’t looking like a slob in front of others. Usually, anything on a bone tastes good, but at nice restaurants and at fancy dinners, it’s really tacky to pick a bone.


  • Never touch your food.


  • If another person asks you to pass some food, pick up the dish and pass it. Don’t attempt to serve them the food from across the table.


  • It’s usually proper to eat everything on your plate until nothing is left. Anything that’s left over goes to waste.


  • If someone seasons his or her dish differently than you, it’s none of your concern. Do not remark or make is a topic of discussion around the table.


  • If you’re allergic or intolerant to something being served, no decent human or host will expect you to eat it. So don’t take the risk of vomiting in public.


  • If you’re on a diet, let the host know ahead of time. Never make it a conversation at the table. It makes people uncomfortable, dude.


  • Don’t bring medicines, vitamins, or other supplements to the table.


  • Never dip bread or cookies into the beverage at the beginning of the meal.


  • Do not force people to eat a second serving. If you want another helping that’s fine, but don’t bring others into it. You’re a man and you gotta eat, we all know that.


  • Never say, “Oh wow – holy shit I’m full!” No one cares how full you are.


  • If you spill or make a mess, don’t get all weird and upset about it. Everyone knows accidents happen.


  • If you get some food lodged in your teeth, leave the table to take care of it. It’s never okay to pick it out in public.


Don’t butter entire slices of bread at a time. Break off a piece of bread and butter just enough for a mouthful. When hot bread is served, you can butter the entire thing.

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