PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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The gym is a sacred place for a man, the hallowed ground where men battle their greatest rival: themselves. It’s where the cool, unyielding strength of steel and iron meet their match with brute strength and sweat. That is until the boss sends us to Cincinnati for another conference. Being away from your home gym is a drag, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your routine. Here are a few tips and exercises to keep your body in shape while on the road:

Turn your hotel room into your own little gym. You know how you only really eat a hotel’s breakfast buffet if you’re desperate? Treat the hotel’s gym the same way. The treadmill has probably been there since the first Bush administration and the weights somehow have mold growing on them. Not too mention there’s always that one creepy guy there whose exercise clothes are older than the treadmill. Instead, use your room.


  • You might not have a leg lift, but you can prop your legs up on the bed and do a few rounds of basic sit-ups.


  • You’re not paying the water bill so crank up the hot water in the bathroom and make your own steam room.


  • Since everything is typically bolted down, you can’t really lift anything but then again, that’s what your luggage is for! The airline is charging you extra if it weighs over 50 pounds anyway, might as well build some muscle with it.


  • Jogging in a new environment is both incredibly enjoyable and a great way to ensure your body doesn’t simply adjust to the same daily route.


  • Shoulder dips are a great way to tone the arms and there isn’t a better place to try it than a hotel room with two twin beds. Nothing is more awkward than a two-bed bedroom, so might as well get some reps in while you’re at it.


  • Lunges are never the most fun exercise to do but they’re great for your legs. The truncated space of a hotel room is the perfect length for a set of lunges. 5-10 reps back and forth and you’ll have sculpted legs like Dionysus.


Find the local food. One of the pitfalls of modern traveling is the franchised restaurant. You could take a three-week trek across the continent and eat at the same half dozen restaurants the entire time. When you find yourself in a new town resist the urge to eat at a place that you can find back home. Sure it might be comfortable, but you’re missing out on the local flavor and produce! Find the local spot that serves the region’s best favorites and experience what the locals eat. A varied diet is key to good health and there’s never a better time to experience local dishes.

Don’t throw your fitness routine out the door the minute you leave town. No excuses.


Noah Neiman is one of NYC’s most popular celebrity and personal trainers, helping instill confidence in many from the average Joe to Kim Kardashian. He has been working in the Manhattan fitness scene since 2011 as a trainer at Barry’s Boot Camp, one of the world’s most renowned group fitness studios. 

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