So Fresh And So Clean: Better Washing With Body Washes
PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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So Fresh And So Clean: Better Washing With Body Washes

Let’s be honest, we all judge. So when someone steps into your shower to wash off last night’s dirty deeds, your cleaning choices are being scrutinized. Is your bar of Irish Spring cracked? Do you have three slivers of soap smashed together to form one bar?

Before you say “Whatever, I’m a guy,” remember that we are in a post-metrosexual society, where men should be somewhat knowledgeable about grooming themselves. When it comes to keeping clean, how you smell and how soft your skin is will be noticed, and should work in your favor, not against you.

Look, bars of soap are great; you can get past airport security with them, they don’t require extra parts, and they’re cheap. They can also dry your skin out, especially if you’re using a deodorant soap, many of which use lye, which can strip the skin’s natural oils leaving it parched.

Body washes don’t rely on lye the same way bar soap does, making it a smarter and smoother option. When it comes to selecting which body wash you’ll use to suds up, there are a few things to check. First, skip anything that is not age appropriate. If the ad reminds you of your days shotgunning a beer then best to move onto the next. Second, scan the ingredients list; if you have dry skin, look for moisturizing elements like petrolatum, cocoa butter, jojoba butter or aloe to be higher on the list. Always look for the organic products, for they are better for your skin. Third and final step: give it the smell test. Anything you can smell from more than two inches away is going to be too strong, and will compete with your aftershave or cologne.

Once you’ve got the wash, you’ll need to pick up a loofah or a washcloth. Either one will help get you lathered up, but the loofah requires less cleaning. Wash your washcloth whenever you wash your towel, and hang it up after each use—otherwise it will start to mildew. As for the loofah, to avoid bacteria build up from hanging out in the shower, plan on replacing it about every six months. We recommend the smell test before use.

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