PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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It can often seem like making any lasting improvement in your personal style will cost a boatload or infringe on your comfortable routine. But forget major surgery for a minute or investing half your salary in a bespoke suit. There are small things you can do to better yourself and your image without cramping your lifestyle.


1. Take a trip to your tailor

By working with what you’ve already got stashed in your closet, a good tailor can make a sloppy fitting, off-the-rack suit, or even a dress shirt, look custom at a tenth of the cost of a new wardrobe. The small investment of an improved fit will be sure to get you noticed.


2. Ditch the dark circles

The pooling of blood under your eyes that leads to dark circles comes from a bevy of factors that are part of our everyday life: caffeine, lack of sleep, stress. So spend just a few bucks on an eye cream enhanced with vitamin K, which tightens the blood vessels and keeps you looking awake and alert. Use a specialized eye cream to help reduce those dark circles.


3. Buy a pair of tweezers

Waxing your unibrow is painful, expensive, and when in the wrong hands, can leave you looking perpetually surprised. Instead, add a good plucking of the stray hairs in your brow to your morning routine once every week or two, so you avoid looking like a Neanderthal. You can buy a pair of tweezers at any pharmacy and they’re very inexpensive.


4. Rethink your jeans

Denim comes in a near infinite range of washes and fits these days, which means it’s easy to walk out with a pair that’ll have you looking like a fool below the belt. Some ground rules: Choose darker washes—they’re more dressed up looking than light; try them on in a couple a different sizes in the store and bring your lady friend along to help make a ruling; the hanging-off-your-ass look may have worked in college but you want a pair now that sits snugly at the hips, and stays there.


5. Stretch

Your clothes are tailored and your face is looking fresh, but if you’re not standing up straight you’ll still come off as a bum. Spend a minute each morning doing the bridge exercise to strengthen your core and support your posture. Get into a push-up position but rest on you elbows and forearms rather than hands.

There you have it—small, simple improvements. They may not make you an entirely new man, but at least they’ll improve what you’re already working with.

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