How To Wash Smelly Feet
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How To Wash Smelly Feet

  • Wash your feet every day. Use soap and water.

  • Purchase a footbath from your local pharmacy or department store, or use a big bowl as an alternative. Wash your feet in front of the TV or before bedtime.

  • Thoroughly dry your feet after washing them. If your feet stay moist it can create the perfect environment for bacteria.

  • While indoors, go barefoot. Wearing sandals is also a good alternative.

  • Use some acne soap on your feet. It’s a special soap that is antibacterial and helps fight body toxins.

  • Brew some green iced tea and put your feet in them for 25 minutes a day for a week. Then, switch it to 4 days, to 3 days, and this will help reduce the amount of sweat and odor.

  • Brew some black tea and let the teabags sit in the water for about 30 minutes to give the tea more strength. The tannins in the leaves will help eliminate the bacteria and will also close the pores. This will help keep your feet dry for a longer period of time. Try it everyday, 30 minutes a day and then work into a moderate routine.


The sweat glands on the soles of your feet produce quite a bit of perspiration. Wash your feet with kosher salt, especially with the crystals. Don’t rinse your feet too much; just dry them off (don’t try to wash the salt off once you soak in it). Salt has a drying effect on the skin so it works great. Also, sprinkle the interior of your shoes with cornstarch. The goal is to keep your feet dry.

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