How To Trim Your Nose Hair With Scissors
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How To Trim Your Nose Hair With Scissors

  • Gently clean the inside of your nostril with a cotton swab moistened with water and a very mild soap. Be sure to completely rinse afterwards.


  • Grab a small pair of sharp scissors and stand in front of a well-lit mirror. Make sure your tool is clean, because your nose is sensitive and prone to infection.


  • Lean your head slightly backwards and lift up the edge of one nostril.


  • Being careful not to nick yourself. Trim any hairs near the base of the nostril that extend outward.


  • Let go of your nostril and take a look to see if the hair has been trimmed to your liking. A good rule of thumb is to trim the hair so it’s not visible to anyone standing in front of you at eye level.


  • Repeat on the other nostril.


  • Rinse your scissors off and wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.




I’m not a big fan of trimming nose hair with scissors, despite us writing an article about it. But if it’s all you have, you can make it work. Make sure to go really slow because you don’t want to go up too far. Do not try to cut your nose hairs as short as you would be able to with a nose hair trimmer.

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