How To Treat Smelly Feet
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How To Treat Smelly Feet

If natural treatments just aren’t doing it for you, try using powders, creams, and sprays to eliminate that pungent smell. Here are a few tips for treating smelly feet:

  • Use a quality foot powder or a disinfectant spray. This will help keep your feet dry and will also help to destroy the bacteria. Look for ones that list menthol as the active ingredient.

  • Spray your feet regularly with a usual antiperspirant and use foot powder in your shoes.

  • Take a footbath with baking soda and a few teaspoons of vinegar.

  • Dust your feet once or twice with cornstarch.

  • Apply zinc cream on your feet after washing them. Zinc is known to have a drying and antibacterial effect on the skin and it’s also a great way to treat sensitive skin.

  • Get professional pedicures. It’ll eliminate buildup, dead skin, and your feet will look great.

  • Paraffin treatment is another way to fight body odor. In this method, the professional waxes the bottom of one’s feet using the melted down, cooled wax.


One of the best ways to treat smelly feet is to soak in black tea. The tannins in the tea kill the bacteria and help close the pores. When the pores are closed, your feet stay dry longer. Invest in a foot soak bath, about $50 at the drugstore. Change your socks often, and if you sweat in a pair of shoes, don’t use those shoes for the next few days.

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