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There is nothing sexier than a spontaneous weekend adventure away with your lover. Getting away from routine, patterns and the stressors of everyday life will create space for you and your lover to get back to caring for each other. A weekend away is full of new, unknown excitement. It can be a way to grow depth in a budding relationship or zap a needed charge to an older one.


1. Choose your own adventure

My suggestion is to plan a road trip. There are so many things to see within easy driving reach of major cities. You can map out several destinations along the way. It’s about the journey together. Pick a new place that neither you or your boo have been to. This way the sense of adventure is equally balanced for both involved, and your partner will feed off of your excitement.


2. Nature v. Nurture

If you live in a big city then you likely want something a bit slowed down and quieter. Keep her top of mind when choosing the destination and accommodations. By this point in your relationship you should know if she can hang with nature or if she’s a Ritz kind of girl. Small Bed and Breakfasts can feel cozy and intimate, and can be a great option if you want something unique but with plenty of comforts.


3. Keep it balanced

You always have the option to balance the experience. A good mix of pampering and cuisine combined with nature and adventure. This’ll be a well rounded experience and offer something for each of you.


4. Let go

Make an outline of what you’d like to see beforehand but don’t be ruled by time or a plan. We’re controlled by those forces enough during the workweek. Have a rule to not be tied to phones or work email over the weekend.


5. The little things are huge

Pack the car with tasty edibles. Stock up on some fine cheese, dried fruit and sandwiches. Tuck her favorite magazine in the side door, pop a new cd in and away you go. The little touches go a long way dude.


6. Teamwork

Have the directions in your head beforehand but have her play co-pilot. It can be a fun dynamic and a good reminder that you’re a team.


7. Get hands on

Nothing to say you can’t get a little handsy on the drive. Pull over if you pass a scenic area. Kiss her at unexpected times and hold her hand.


8. Be patient

Bring extra awareness and patience into the weekend. It’ll be fun and sexy but if it’s your first getaway together you’ll likely confront new situations. Have a fun relaxing time together and don’t overcomplicate the experience.

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