How To Groom Your Chest Hair by Shaving or Trimming
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How To Groom Your Chest Hair by Shaving or Trimming

If the idea of waxing is a major turnoff, there’s always the option of shaving and trimming your chest hair. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Before shaving, trim your chest hair to the smallest possible length.
  • Apply a clear shaving oil, so you can see what you’re doing. Allow the product to sit on your skin for a few minutes so the follicles can fully absorb it.
  • Always shave after after a warm shower, as this softens the hair.
  • When shaving, start slowly and go with the grain. Once you’ve shaved, rinse off with lukewarm water and then cold water to close your pores. Gently pat yourself dry with a clean towel.
  • To trim your chest hair, use clippers and start with the longest setting.
  • Work your way down to the desired length, only trimming with the grain. If you don’t experience any discomfort, you may go against the grain.
  • After you’ve trimmed or shaved your chest hair, avoid any strenuous activity, sunlight, or sweat for at least 24 hours.


When it comes to trimming your chest hair, decide the areas you want to trim. I advise trimming your armpit hair because it’s not that attractive. Trim it versus shaving, as shaving can make you sweaty and your hair will grow back faster and thicker

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