How To Deal With Blackheads
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How To Deal With Blackheads

Amongst all the other crap I have to deal with in my life as a man, I also have to worry about my skin and pores getting clogged. As you may know, dealing with and popping blackheads is a pain in the ass and it’s also pretty gross. (With that being said, hopefully you’re not eating while reading this article.) Here, I’ll answer a few questions and misconceptions about the nature of this form of acne, how to treat it, and how to prevent it.


What is a blackhead?

A blackhead is a small dark spot on your skin that looks like an open follicle; usually, debris is covering where the blackhead has opened. Blackheads, even though the name contains the word “black”, can be yellow in color. If the blackhead is closed off, then it’s actually considered a whitehead.

It’s a myth that blackheads only pop up on people going through puberty-I see them on people of all ages. Blackheads occur when pores become congested with additional sebum. Sebum is not the fish that eats all the crap in your fish tank, but rather, it’s the oil created by your glands to help keep the skin supple. An overproduction of it can clog the pore and inflame it.


How do I get blackheads?

As a child, I was always taught to wash my face properly otherwise my skin would erupt in pimples and blackheads. I still stand by the fact that cleansing your face properly is crucial, but I’ve spoken with many dermatologists who insist that dirt is not your only problem. What causes acne does not simply take place on the surface, but is rather, it’s triggered beneath the skin.

I also go back and forth with my friend Dr. Worry, a brilliant dermatologist, regarding how diet affects your skin. He, like every doctor, swears that the food you eat does not cause acne. I may not be an MD, but I do coach many men with this issue. I say, take two men: give one of them soda and greasy junk food everyday, and have the other guy drink water and eat raw vegetables. I would put money on the fact that the dude with the poor diet has a better chance of having issues with his skin and overall appearance in comparison to the healthy eater.


How do I get rid of, treat, and prevent blackheads?

Keeping your face clean is key-for instance, not touching your face while you are eating, or after you have manhandled anything dirty or oily. If you use styling products that contain harsh or strong ingredients (which hopefully you’re not!), make sure the product doesn’t get in contact with your skin.

Clean your face with a natural, quality cleanser that is PH balanced and doesn’t dry out your skin-this will help force out dirt and bacteria. Clean Getaway is our natural facewash and a great solution to getting rid of blackheads. Blackheads tend to pop up when things get oily, and believe it or not, over-washing your face and drying it out will confuse your body into thinking there’s no oil being produced, causing it to produce more-the result is a greasier face than before. Get in the habit of washing your face twice daily-once when you wake up and again right before bed-to keep it clean without irritating it or causing stress.

Additionally, there are hormonal treatments you can undergo and medications you can take to help prevent acne, but of course you’ll have to speak to your doctor or dermatologist first to find out if you’re a good candidate. Often, doctors will prescribe things like Retinoid, which some people are put off due to the drying impact. Luckily, there are ways to utilise it to your benefit, which you can learn about more at


PRZ Tip: Blackheads don’t just form on your face. They can pop up in places you’d least expect, including the inside your ear, behind your ear lobe, your neck, and even on your body-especially in areas that tend to perspire more.

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