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Okay, so nowhere in the Dudes & Dads Instructional Manual is there a section on teaching a man how to properly detangle hair. Little girls take pride in their locks long before they know how to properly brush and take care of their hair themselves. Running around outside is all fun and games until your daughter’s mop of hair is so tangled it looks like a rodent’s nesting ground and you can’t get a comb through it. That, my friend, is where you need to know how to step in.

Recently, I was visiting with my niece Alessandra 25, and a conversation came up about her Girl Scout troop from 13 years ago. She said to me, “Hey Uncle P, remember when I had you come to a meeting and teach the girls in my troop how to detangle our hair with detangler?” To be honest, I didn’t recall doing so, but I am sure it happened because if I had written the Dudes & Dads Instructional Manual myself, “Daughters & Detanglers” would be its own chapter.

To prevent your little girl from either crying in pain or not talking to you (it’s debatable what’s worse), before you comb her hair, you must apply a detangler. Detanglers are liquid conditioners which are very light in composition compared to what you’d use in the shower—they help smooth, condition, and prevent static to the hair which can cause more tangles. The best quality ones are organic, which you can find in your local health food store (stay away from mass market and cheap brands), and contain components that help soften and create tangle-free texture until the next time she bathes and washes her hair.

Obviously you’re not a little girl, but for empathy’s sake, know that tangles can be painful for a young lady, and not helping her take care of them will cause more knots and breakage. Like I properly taught my niece years ago, here are 5 tips for combing a little girl’s hair to prevent both tangles and tears.


  • When you’re combing out her tangles, it is extremely important to start from the bottom—not from the root, not from the middle of the hair. Begin at the ends with the comb and gently work your way up to an inch or two from the roots.
  • Any old brush won’t do, Dad—use wide toothcomb or a brush with very wide and soft bristles.
  • While bathing your child, apply conditioner to her hair; this is a great time to first comb through your child’s tresses for a soft, snarl-free finish.
  • When her hair is still wet post-bath time, apply the detangling spray all-over and gently comb through sections of hair, working from the bottom up an inch at a time.
  • It’s good practice to also detangle your child’s hair before she goes to bed, and again in the morning before she head’s off to school; chances are, more knots have developed while she was lying in bed.


This can be a very special bonding time between a dad and daughter, and using the right tools and practices can ensure that she’s enjoying it as much as you are. If she’s not screaming and crying in pain, you’re doing great, man.

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