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Being an uncle to a sibling’s child is one of the greatest connections ever. It’s amazing to see your sibling’s personality and genetics wrapped up in a new being. They transport you back to being a kid again and inspire that strong sense of wonder. What’s really awesome is that you can hand them off at the end of the day. It’s your job to have as much fun as you can with them and to be a good role model. And, when they’re older, tell them incriminating stories of their parents.


1. Get on their level

Kids are naturally curious and uninhibited. They live in the moment and don’t filter their expressions. Remember this when interacting with them. Be fun, be silly and create new worlds for them. Use your imagination and make up stories, talk with them like adults and you’ll be amazed at how much they know and absorb.


2. Schedule 1 on 1 hang time

This one is important. It’s awesome to get to know them as individuals away from their parents or sibling influence. Let them get away with a few things they normally might not have if they were with their parents.


3. Spoil the shit out of them

Surprise them for no reason. If you’re fortunate to live near your nieces and nephews you can drop in unexpectedly, pick them up from school and take them for special outings. Take your niece out on a dinner date, take her to get her nails done. Make her feel like a princess.


4. You aren’t the disciplinarian

You’re the fun loving, sometimes crazy uncle. Don’t lose this perspective. You have the joy of bouncing into their world for an all out day of fun, so don’t get caught up in bad habits they might have picked up at school. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a strong guiding influence, but do so gently.


5. Find something to teach them

Get a sense of their unique personalities and interests and find something to feed their sense of wonder. They’ll end up teaching you so much more.


6. Show them off

If you think dogs are good for getting you laid you have obviously not been out in public with your niece or nephew. You can teach them to be quite the charmers and that’ll work in your favor. It’s magnetic.

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