How Does Hair Loss Happen?
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How Does Hair Loss Happen?


  • The belief that hair loss is passed from your mother’s father (your maternal grandfather) has not been proven. The hair loss gene can be inherited from either side of the gene pool.


  • The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone. DHT levels in the body increase as men age. DHT blocks blood flow to the scalp, damaging hair follicles and keeping them from growing properly.


  • Fatty foods and red meats can affect your hormones, potentially increasing the production of DHT.
  • Caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate your scalp and cause an increase in oil production. An overload of oil on the scalp will clog hair follicles and prevent their growth.
  • Gluten is up there as well.


  • Even though it’s less common (and more predictable) than other causes, some illnesses and medical treatments can alter your hair growth pattern and cause sudden hair loss.


  • White men are most likely to experience hair loss and at an earlier age than men of other races. African-American men are less likely to lose their hair than white men and Asian men are the least likely to suffer hair loss.
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