How Do Ingrown Hairs Happen?
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How Do Ingrown Hairs Happen?

  • When a hair grows sideways, it can grow into the skin instead of breaking through the surface, and this creates what’s known as an ingrown hair.

  • You may become more prone to ingrown hairs if you have coarse facial hair.

  • If your skin lacks moisture or if your face is really oily, you may be more susceptible to ingrown hairs.

  • A buildup of dead skin cells will create an environment for ingrown hairs.

  • The most common cause of ingrown hairs is improper shaving techniques. Learn how to shave your face properly to prevent future irritation.

  • When you have skin that is susceptible to ingrown hairs, you’re always told to have a proper skin care regimen. Tell that to most men and they’ll probably tell you to go stick it where sun don’t shine.
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