Guide To Electric Razors
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Guide To Electric Razors

Switching over to an electric shaving, especially after a lifetime of traditional straight razors, can be a daunting change. After all, you’re adding electricity and thousands of tiny parts to the whole process of removing hair from your face with razors. Your face! Razors! Electricity! If there were ever a potential for disaster, it’s an electric razor.

For those of you, who are already using an electric shaver – don’t ignore your skin. When using an electric razor, you still need to wash, exfoliate and use an aftershave to close the pores. Just the same as a regular shave. This will avoid the alligator skin look.



But they’re actually safe, quick and surprisingly affordable. Here’s what you need to know:


Foil vs. Rotary – Foils are the standard electric razor with a perforated metal screen that plucks your hair up and the oscillating razor behind it cuts away. And like regular razors, there can be one foil, two foils, three foils, or who knows how many foils. Then there are rotary electric razors, which are basically foil razors with the foils constructed in small circles that contour to your face.


So which is better? Foil razors give a closer shave but rotary will go over the tight spots better and work better on longer hairs. The final decision is up to you.


Gotta Keep it Dry – Electric razors work best when your skin and stubble are dry. Wetness will clog the razor and that’s a bad thing. So be sure to dry off before using an electric razor. If you do wash your face before shaving, sprinkle some baby powder on your beard to dry it up and get it prepared for shaving. You can also use an electric shaving solution, such as Anthony Logistics For Men’s Electric Pre-Shave Solution.



Razor Maintenance – Your equipment needs to be taken care of… especially your razor. Tiny hairs will undoubtedly get caught in your foils so you need to clean it regularly. Check the manual before attempting it for the first time. Simply blowing the excess hair off won’t cut it. In some cases you can oil it when you wash it. Most important switch out the damn blade, which is something you should do every four months, most people wait years.



Give it Time – Switching to an electric razor from a life of straight razors will likely not go according to plan. Electric razors give you a close shave but not as close as the straight razor. Give it a couple weeks before making a final decision. Your face will take a few tries to get used to a new style of razor so don’t make a hasty decision. PRZman recommends checking out a Philips Norelco Shaver or a Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Shaver or a Braun Cruzer 6 Face Cruzer, 6 Face Shaver.



PRZman Tip: When you are using your electric razor, let the blade do all the work, don’t press to firmly or hard. And don’t forget to moisturizer after.

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