PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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What is a Dopp kit, you ask? Created by Charles Doppelt, a Dopp kit is an undersized bag that holds all of your toiletry items. Dopp Kits come in many forms, shapes and sizes, and are available in all kinds of fabrics, ranging from vinyl, to cloth, and even really nice leather.

The Dopp kit’s main purpose is to help you store and organize your grooming products and tools during travel. The biggest mistake most men make? Under – or over – packing their Dopp kits. Some guys get consumed by this pre-travel panic and end up dumping their entire medicine cabinets into their kits, while other men jet-set with not much more than a toothbrush. Moral of the story: there has to be a balance. Before you head on your next trip, take care to pack these must-have items in your Dopp kit:



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  • Take the first step, clean out your Dopp kit, most men have a habit saving things from previous trips, there is no use for the soap you took from your golf weekend six years ago if you still haven’t use it.


  • Make sure all items are TSA-approved travel-size (3 ounces or less), especially if you plan on carrying your luggage on a plane.


  • Even though there will be shampoo and soap in your hotel room, what’s offered is usually just watered down versions of the real product. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner (if you use), body wash, face wash, and a small size of your favorite hair-grooming product.


  • Bring lotions – one for face, and one for body – as travel and airplanes especially dehydrate us and thus, dry out our skin.




  • Bring a natural eye treatment product. Dehydration and fatigue from travel shows up loud and clear around the skin below the eyes; an eye treatment will help circulate blood and eliminate bags underneath the eyes.


  • Don’t forget cologne, sunscreen for both the body and face, and deodorant (for the love of God, don’t forget deodorant.)


  • Be sure to seal any items which pose a risk of opening or spilling do to air pressure, with some basic scotch tape.




  • Always carry a set of tweezers. You never when your uni-brow or some other hairy-scary monster will show up unannounced.


  • Dental hygiene shouldn’t go on the backburner just because you’re on vacation. Make sure you have toothpaste, dental floss, and a covered toothbrush.



  • For a nice clean shave on-the-go, bring along a shave solution, like shaving cream or shave lubricant (be careful with oils as they always slip), plus an after-shave.


  • Pack vitamins, pain relievers, allergy medications, and any other meds or supplements you take each day.




  • Finally, don’t forget some Q-tips, a nail clipper and file (hang nails are both unsightly and a pain in the ass), and wet naps to use on the road after that In-’n-Out burger you not-so-regretfully grabbed on your way back to the airport.
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