PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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The internet and the increase of mobile communication has made it really easy for us to get close to each other, really quick. The only issue is that sometimes we create a false picture of who we really are, and it confuses the s**t out of one another. Half naked pictures while sucking in, muscle flexing, duck lips, photos of you sitting in first class (that one time)… I’ve seen enough!

We do this to hide our insecurities, most likely out of fear of being JUST who we are. It’s time to break that cycle.  If you are going to online date, make sure you do your part to communicate who you really are. No surprises.

Here are some tips for pics, so that YOU are as clear as a tall drink of water:


1.  Selfies suck

Save the naked silhouettes for when you and your online boo have already met. If your online profile only shows you taking pictures of yourself, it actually makes you look like you have no friends. Get a friend or family member involved here. Have them take a picture of you. Or if you’re really vain, hire a photographer for a couple hundred bucks and get yourself some really great shots. Don’t forget to smile!


2. Stay current

If you’re sitting in front of the scanner looking through your college photo album, STOP. Things have changed since then. What if your online match showed up on the first date looking 20 years past her profile picture? Dude…


3.  Show your eyes

Eyes are extremely influential when trying to connect with someone. It’s already hard enough that we’re meeting on a damn screen. Take off those sunglasses covering your soul and let whoever is looking see eyes.


4.  No Hats

You would be disappointed (and embarrassed) if on the first date your online chick shows up with a terrible dye job. Well, if that hat in the picture didn’t give it away… she was clearly trying to hide something. Are you? If you are feeling insecure about losing your hair, and you cope by wearing a hat, well, that’s a real problem. First, know that wearing a hat on hair that will likely fall out will only increase the rate at which is drops. No friction! Instead take off that disgusting hat and try some relaxation or meditation. Stress can hugely influence your hair loss. Show yourself as you are, beautifully bald.


5.  Background setting

This is an opportunity for you to show off more about yourself without actually going on and on in your written profile about how much you love museums, etc. Include pictures of you last year in Argentina, of you playing basketball, or you at the Children’s Hospital fundraiser. Don’t add the late night picture of you and your bros at the club looking sweaty.

While the advice I offer above is sound across most dating profiles, conditions may vary with niche and fetish sites like cougars, bronies, fairy-people or whatever.

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