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If you aren’t going big by throwing custom rims on his car or getting Dad that drone he’s been wanting so he can chase the neighborhood dogs off his lawn, there are still ways to be his second favorite this Father’s Day. I’ve learned that the best gift of all is sharing an experience and time together. Here are a few ways to show the man you care about him and that you’ve recovered nicely from your childhood traumas.


1. Take him out to the ball game

And share a cold, frothy beer. Remember the early days of taking your glove to a game to catch a foul ball? If you can’t make it out to a game then why not throw the ball around like you did when you were a kid? Get outside and be together.


2. Get him a MANicure

Okay, this might not be your go-to for the man you’ve never seen cry. There’s an excellent spot that caters to men’s nails in Los Angeles called Hammer & Nails. I’m talking plush leather chairs, dark wood, hoppy beers, and flat screen TVs with your game on. Claim your throne and while you are at it, try the scrub and paraffin dip. There’s nothing wussy about feeling this good.


3. Old fashion ways

Pack a cooler with the fixings for an Old Fashion. While you are at it, pick up some nice cigars to enjoy with it. Light it up with some conversation and laughs.


4. It’s in the details

My father spends so much time in his car between work and travel. Get his car detailed for him. Maybe you can do this without telling him, the element of surprise might help toward getting that “favorite son” position. He’ll think that he’s riding clean (without the Pirelli’s).


5. Cut the grass

If the yard is not in order, the man won’t sleep. Spend a few hours mowing the lawn and cleaning out the flowerbeds. You know, like you did when you were fourteen. You can always hire a service to come in and do it since you’re a made man.


6. Create adventure

Time to start crossing lines off that bucket list. Maybe buy him flying lessons or time at the racetrack. Create an adventure to jumpstart his heart and remind him what it feels like to be young again.


7. Gifts that keep giving

There are some fantastic gift options that can be delivered to Dad’s doorstep every month. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. We recommend Harry’s Razors.


Good luck with your Dad’s Day plans. Throw in a shot of nostalgia and mix carefully.

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