Create Zen In Your Space
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Create Zen In Your Space

Your living space should be an oasis from the outside world, your fortress of solitude, your kingdom to rule, play in and invite prizes into.

In my home, especially in my bedroom, I find it to be a reflection of how I’m living in the outside world. If my clothes are crumpled up on the floor and I never make my bed, I use that as a symptom of my general dis-ease of not living confidently.

What’s even more powerful than identifying my feelings when I see my space in disorder, is that I have the immediate power to create the reverse effect very easily by just picking s**t up and putting it in order.

So that said, here are 5 things that you can physically do to feel better NOW.


1. Cut the clutter

Rid yourself of unnecessary material possessions. Organize cabinets, clean your fridge, get a shoe rack. These seemingly simple tasks can make you feel accomplished, sometimes even more so than the productive meeting in the boardroom that day. An orderly space leads to and orderly mind.


2. Let the outside in

Let in some natural light. It will boost your mood and create a state of well-being in your home. Open a window to allow some fresh air to flow through, this can move stale air out and air filled with more oxygen in. Better to breathe her in with.


3. Dedicate a space solely to mediation

It might be as simple as the corner of your bedroom or you could go as far as creating an altar your honor with candles and images of loved ones. Either way creating an even more sacred place within your sacred place can help you find that space to sit in a meditative state.


4. Get a mother*cking plant, dude

Bring life in. Surprising enough there are fake plants that can be subbed in here for real ones. And they actually look real and can provide the same visual appeal. If you travel often or are forgetful, opt for one these.


5. Set your phone to DO NOT DISTURBSometimes the input overload can just be too much. Whether your powering down for you and her time, or just wanting to get through the movie without a beep, it is OK to disconnect. In your kingdom, it is on your time. You decide. Take advantage of it.

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