Better Sleep Means Better Skin
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Better Sleep Means Better Skin

Very smart sleepers spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping. Lack of sleep makes you noticeably more stressed and the people around you won’t appreciate your emotional behavior. Your skin needs time to renew itself; for new skin cells to grow and replace old cells. Here are a few ways to get better sleep:

  • Don’t drink caffeine at least 4 to 5 hours before bed.

  • Alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep. For example, the sugars in wine metabolize in the body several hours after drinking it. So if you had a glass at 9 PM, you might wake up at 3 AM.

  • Get rid of the TV from your bedroom and create a better sleeping area. The three things your bedroom should be for are rest, sleep and sex.

  • Try going to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.

  • Since you spend a good portion of your life asleep, invest in a great mattress, luxurious pillows, and high-quality sheets. White sheets are great because they’re simple and the textiles likely won’t bother your skin.


Make sure you have a comfortable place to rest; proper pillows and mattress. Always lay down 45 minutes to one hour before bed. You may think you won’t be able to fall asleep, but your body needs the time to wind down. When you’re well rested and not using caffeine to wake in the morning, you will feel, think, and look better.

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