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Throw away your preconceived ideas of yoga being for the young, fit and flexible. The truth is, a steady Yoga practice will make you all three of those things. It will also oxygenate your blood, improve heart health, detoxify your liver as well as increase your sexual appetite and performance. Got ya now, huh? This week The Institute of Manhood is bringing you an intro to yoga that any guy will be able to benefit from.

Yoga has boomed in the last fifteen years. We look to the original g’s of spirituality, the two that are widely responsible for sharing yoga with the western world. BKS Iyengar and Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. If you’re practicing any form of Hatha Yoga you can thank the dedication of these two men. “Ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon, this yoga works to bring union between opposing forces.

With the spread of Hatha Yoga, you can now find Yoga tailored to fit your lifestyle needs. From the local gym to the urban ashram, from the more outrageous Paddleboard Yoga, Yoga for Cyclists—you can find every flavor under the sun of yoga. Below are the five methods that are steeped in a lineage; time tested and, of course, the manliest.

The 5 methods of Yoga to sample:

1. Ashtanga

A series of physical postures that are based on breath, focus (Drishti), and strength to detoxify the body and mind, ultimately leading the practitioner to a state of ultimate truth and bliss.

2. Iyengar

Brings a hyper focus to detail, precision, and alignment of the body and control of the breath.

3. Restorative

This method is a more relaxing option. Practitioners spend a lengthy five minutes in each posture to ensure deep openings and total relaxation. But don’t worry, your system still receives a number of benefits.

4. Sivananda

Uses a set sequence of 12 foundational postures.

5. Kundalini

Feel the Shakti. This method is highlighted by a lot of breath work and mantras (sanskit scriptures) to uncoil the universal creative force that lies dormant at the base of one’s spine and leads toward union with the divine.

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