6 Proper Head Shaving Techniques
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6 Proper Head Shaving Techniques

  • Be patient and remember to take your time.

  • I always like to start with the front of the head where the hair is lighter and thinner.

  • Always shave the coarser and thicker areas last, so the product lubricant has more time to absorb and the hair becomes softer.

  • When shaving the sides of your head, regardless of the direction, remember to hold your razor at a 90-degree angle.

  • Use your free hand to hold down your ear when shaving behind your ears.

  • When you get to the back of your head, use upward strokes and take your time. Use a mirror if need be; this’ll allow you to easily maneuver the razor over the ridges and valleys back there.


Get a handheld mirror. Use it to see the back of your head and examine for different things, like moles, that are prone to getting cut.

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