6 Badass Bachelor Parties
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6 Badass Bachelor Parties

If you’re not into strip clubs, you’re not alone. We wanted to hear what real men had to say about non-traditional bachelor party ideas. These are some great concepts for planning a night your buddy the groom will always remember.

1. Guns, go kart and steaks

“For one of my friends, we shot a bunch of guns at a range, went go karting, got steaks, and then went out for drinks later. He didn’t want to go to a strip club (and neither did most of us for that matter), so we just planned and had a fun day.” –hooj

2. Private Room at a brewery

“I was able to get us a private room at a brewery/restaurant. We had the room for four hours and had a TV in the room and all the beer we could ask for. When the bachelor got to the restaurant I asked him what his favorite type of beer was. I then told the brew masters and they set up all the ingredients for us to be able to make our own beer. Through our 4 hour dinner/boozeathon we took breaks to step out of our party room and brew our own beer. The brew masters made it very easy and fun for us. I also designed a label for the beer with an unfortunate picture of him. We go back next week (after the fermentation is done) to bottle and label our beers. It was a fun and memorable experience. Definitely good for the bachelor that doesn’t want to get embarrassed or harassed by strippers.” –BiboTeaBagginsLOL

3. Paintball and laser tag

“I’m not a huge fan of modern society’s current version of a bachelor party. That said, go karts, paintball, and laser tag sound like awesome ideas to me.” –brodie7838. Paintballing in particular is a great way for you and your groomsmen to bond and have fun, so check out propaintball.com to get your hands on the kit you’ll need. As fun as this sounds, you’ll need to make sure that you and your groomsmen are in the best condition ready for the big day. That could mean trying to find some paintball elbow pads to ensure that you have that extra bit of protection during the game. The last thing that you want to have to deal with is an injury.

4. House boat party

“Best bachelor party I ever went to as on a house boat. There was maybe about 15 of us. Rented a big ass house boat and a speed boat. Parked the boat in a secluded area of the lake and partied for the weekend. We used the speed boat to ferry people from the dock out to the house boat since the house boat was ridiculously expensive to move.” – zero87t

5. Communal plates and belly-dancers

“My friends gave me what I thought was an excellent bachelor party. None of us drink and none of us are into strippers. What they did was to take me to a real authentic traditional Muslim restaurant. This place did not serve women, they only allowed male customers. Everyone (my friends and other customers as well) sat on the ground (cushions, rugs, etc), we sat close together around low tables. The food was delivered to the tables one course at a time, a single communal plate for each table. We all ate together with our hands from the communal plates. Sitting together, rubbing elbows, eating together, reminiscing with my friends, and hearing and telling stories with my friends and the other men there, was some of the finest male bonding I have ever experienced. It really made me understand what sayings like, ‘rubbing elbows’, and ‘breaking bread together’ meant. Then at the end of the evening there was a traditional belly-dancer. I found that to be both a tasteful and broadening experience, which I still remember fondly more than thirty years later.” – thereisnoTruth

6. Mountains, a hot tub and beer

“What I did was find a nice big mountain house (we live near Big Bear in CA) and got about 12 friends together for a weekend stay at the place. We brought up board games, some “snacks”, 2 pony kegs of delicious beer, and lots of awesome meat (had a butcher friend hook us up). The house was on the edge of a lake and had a hot tub and game room. Is there anything better than having access to a game room? It’s just what we need to have some downtime and to get our competitive streaks out. I just wish that we had access to more games, so we could make better use of this room. One of the guys had recently heard about this best simulator for golf, (he’s a golf lover), that could be used inside to help him get better at his game, but he said it would make a good laugh with friends. If only he knew, he could’ve brought it with him. All in all, I think it was fair to say that we all had a great time in the games room and thought about all of the other great things this place could offer us. So we just hung out and drank beer and ate tons of meat and talked about life and had some fun lake adventures. In the evenings we all got in the hot tub and watched the sun set between the mountains. It ended up costing about $200 bucks a person and he had a blast.” – shrike92

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