5 Ways To Take Care of Your Man-Feet
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5 Ways To Take Care of Your Man-Feet

They say you can tell a lot about a man by how well he takes care of his hands. Well, how well he grooms his feet is just as important. In general terms, your “man feet” may not be the sexiest part of your body, but that certainly does not mean they should be neglected. Think about how much and what you use your feet for on a daily basis: walking, running, jumping, and even simply just standing. Your feet both need and deserve attention, and this is especially true in the summer when your feet are exposed at the beach in sandals or when you’re walking around barefoot. Instead of offending your friends, family and girlfriend with your ogre feet, here are 8 steps (no pun intended), tips and ideas for showing your feet some love.


Unless you are using your feet to climb trees or dig ditches (which hopefully you’re not), your toenails should be cut short and straight across, with any sharp edges filed down. I promise you that your lady will less than pleased if you draw blood on her leg with one of your jagged toe nails.

Take caution not to cut your toenails too short, however—this can lead to painful and possibly infected ingrown toenails.


Professional pedicures are not just for women, and I highly recommend you treat yourself to one on the regular. (Most men who get them do it once a month; some, every other week.) A pedicure will drastically improve the look and feel of your feet and nails, plus it’s a downright relaxing service. A professional will soak your feet in a tub, cut and file your toenails into shape, then push down and/or trim your cuticles. From there, your feet will be exfoliated to eliminate dead skin cells and callouses, revealing softer and nicer looking feet. Then finally, the best part: a foot massage with moisturizer.

 But, just because you pedicure, doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore your feet on a regular basis. Invest in the following tools and products so that in between pedicure appointments, you don’t revert back to having caveman feet:


  • Body Scrub – When you’re in the shower, get in the habit of using an exfoliator, like a body scrub, to help break down and eliminate some of the built up dead skin on your feet.



  • Pumice Stone – Use on the on the bottom, tops and sides of your feet, concentrating specifically around your heels and on calluses to help rub away dead skin. You always want to use a pumice stone when your feet are wet.


  • Toenail Clipper – This tool is a usually larger than a fingernail clipper because it’s specially designed to cut stronger and harder nails, like your toenails.


  • Foot Cream –  Last but not least, give your feet some TLC with some foot cream—it’s usually a denser, more concentrated cream than what you’d put on your hands or body, which will help to soften and moisturize the tough skin, and most importantly help your feet look great. Plus, your significant other will thank you, now that she doesn’t have to wake up to the feeling of sandpaper feet on her legs.

– We all love wearing flip-flops to allow our feet to breath in the summer heat, but PRZ recommends that you get yourself a new pair every summer. When worn for a while, flip-flops gather a film of grime and dirt, which in many cases contain some dangerous bacteria like E.coli and fecal matter (Gross, we know). There are a lot of comfortable, fashionable options out there when it comes to flip-flops, so now may be a good time to donate your old pair to the Natural History Museum’s “Germs and Bacteria” exhibit and head to the mall for a clean new pair.

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