5 Acts to Keep Your Skin Looking Young
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5 Acts to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

As time goes on, we start taking our bodies and minds for granted. Stress, lack of sleep, eating poorly, and unnecessary UV exposure all come back and bite us in the ass. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, if not managed properly, your body will produce unwanted breakouts, lesions and irritations.

Consistently abusing your body on the inside ends up showing on the outside. This can create trauma and inflammation in the body, therefore accelerating the aging process. It is totally possible to age with quality, especially us men who look better over time (if you do things right). Here are five wellness acts you should practice in life.


1. Meditation. If you’re feeling stressed, give it a try. You may think it sounds really hard to sit with your eyes closed in the same spot and think of nothing, but it isn’t so much about wiping your mind clean, so much as it is about focusing on one thing at a time. ‘Now I’m inhaling, now I’m exhaling.’ Meditation can help you hone in on the things you’re really grateful for in life and the things you want more of. In still moments like this, it’s easy to envision having those things that make you happy, and afterwards you will feel energized and motivated. Do this every day for 3 to 5 minutes and see the results you gain.

2. Eat fresh and organic. If you cut out refined sugars, sodas, meals in boxes, and unnecessary salts and preservatives, you’ll notice that your taste buds no longer crave such things. Eating right makes such a difference in your appearance and the way you feel. Would you put cheap motor oil in your Ferrari or oil that’ll balance and enhance the performance of your car?

3. Exercise and walk regularly. Don’t be lazy and go for a walk. Strive for workouts that build stamina and increase cardiovascular health. When it comes to lifting weights, get into resistance training. It adds just the right amount of muscle mass, which increases cardiovascular efficiency and lymph circulation. Attend group exercise classes such as cycling, boot camp, yoga, or anything that involves professional instruction. Sweating flushes out toxins in your body, while promoting more immune cells, which defend against infections and disease.

4. Drink enough water. Water allows your body to function and circulate properly. When you get sick, the first thing the doctor tells you to do is drink plenty of water. That’s because dehydration causes stress to the circulatory system. Even though it might be a little irritating to have to piss more often throughout the day, you’re flushing out your body’s toxins. And if you’re pissing a lot, chances are you have some serious toxins that need to be flushed out.

5. Sleep. We all need different amounts of sleep. I need six to seven hours and my sister needs, like, 14 hours. When you sleep your body repairs itself, which is actually pretty amazing. Sleeping causes your brain cells to shrink, allowing the cerebral spinal fluid to flow, removing toxins from your brain. Your brain needs rest and proper sleep in order for you to have optimum focus and agility throughout the day.

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