PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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When it comes to women’s orgasms, her clit is usually the most important spot for making her toes curl. But, that’s no reason to neglect the rest of her vulva and vagina (or the rest of her mind and body)! While every woman is different (depending on her body, age, mood and time in her cycle) the two of you could make some earth shattering discoveries by exploring these frequently neglected pleasure spots.


1. The G-Spot

Some dicey recent research has suggested the G-spot doesn’t exist, but don’t be fooled. Legions of women, and quite a few other researchers, know from experience that it is real! While some women don’t get much from their G-spot, many find that it triggers deep, whole bodied bliss. The trick is a combination of high quality lube, lots of investment in foreplay, and firm pressure.

But where is it? It’s an area of the spongey tissue about the size of quarter. It’s located just inside the vaginal wall, about a knuckle and a half inside. Pressing it is a bit like pointing toward her belly button from just inside her vagina. Ask for her feedback on how hard she likes it, and try curling your fingers against the area in the come-hither motion.


2. The Cervix

If you could peek inside her vagina with some good lighting, you could see what might appear a bit like a tiny pink doughnut a little past the G-spot that you just found. It’s called the cervix and it’s the opening to her uterus. Don’t worry, the opening is so tiny you can hardly see it and you brush right past it during penetration.

Some women absolutely hate having it stimulated (it may vary depending on her cycle, too), but some research has shown that certain women love to have it gently stimulated. Why not find out together?


3. The A-Spot and U-Spot

When she is aroused and enjoying deeper penetration, perhaps from you or a toy, the lucky object of her affection is pushing right past her cervix and likely giving the end portion of her vagina a pleasant stretch. For women who strongly enjoy that kind of deep penetration, it may be stimulating her U-Spot (or Posterior Fornix) just right.  It’s located immediately past the cervix, on the same side.

Does she like it better just before the cervix? That’s the A-Spot, also called the Anterior Fornix. Both of these spots are linked to increasing vaginal lubrication, but ask her if you should start with her favorite brand of lube to make getting there more fun.

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