10 Ways to Groom For a Date
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10 Ways to Groom For a Date

Whether you’re recently single or have been playing the field for some time, (or hey, even if you’re married or in a long term relationship), I wanted to share a few personal grooming tricks I’ve used in the past to make a good impression on a lady of interest and to score a hot date. Whether it be a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or that pretty redhead you met at Starbucks last week, everyone wants to be taken out and treated to a nice night on the town, and when it looks like you went out of your way to take care of yourself and impress her on your date, she will feel more appreciated. While these tips may seem like small, petty things, I promise you they’re worth the extra effort.


1. Condition Your Hands & Feet

Your hands are an extension of your heart—they give and receive, they touch, they express. Your future mate will be checking out and examining your hands from the first handshake because they give a telltale sign of how well you take care of yourself overall. Get a manicure, and while you’re at it, get a pedicure too, and do so regularly. Hangnails, cracked cuticles and sandpaper feet suggest that you’re unkempt elsewhere, which rightfully so, could cost you that second date.


2. Avoid Chapped, Dry Lips

Did you know that dry lips are the first sign of dehydration? Drink water, dude, and exfoliate your lips regularly to eliminate dry skin that builds up and cracks when it’s cold out. Trust me—no girl wants to kiss chapped, bleeding lips. Lightly brushing your lips with a toothbrush every day is another great way to keep your pucker smooth.


3. Get Enough Sleep

You want her body, so make sure that you’re taking care of yours. Six hours of sleep works for me, but you know your own body, so listen to it and give it what it needs. If you lack sleep, your brain cannot function and your energy suffers, especially in matters of the heart. If you look like you’re about to fall face first into your French onion soup from exhaustion at dinner, she’ll get the impression that you’re not all that interested in her and that taking her out was an afterthought. (If you made the rookie mistake of partying too hard the night before Date Night, use PRZMAN’s Mug Shot under your eyes to get the blood flowing and to get rid of gnarly dark under-eye circles.)


4. Keep Up With Your Haircut

Looking this good doesn’t happen naturally. Find a barber or a hairstylist you really like, and make an appointment with him/her every month for a touch up haircut, especially in the neck and sideburn area. Growing your hair out? You still need to have your style’s shape touched up monthly to avoid looking like a sheepdog.


5. Be Aware of Your Grooming Products

Does that hair gel you love work wonders for your coif, but melt when you sweat? Well bro, pick a different poison if your goal that night is to get steamy, because I know for a fact your girl will not appreciate your hair sticking to her face in bed.


6. Wax & Trim Unwanted Hair

Don’t be that guy. Take a careful look at your ear hair, nose hair, and eyebrows, and trim any unsightly strays before you pick her up for a date. Better yet, start incorporating this practice into your regular grooming routine so it doesn’t feel like such a chore on special occasions. Invest in an ear/nose hair trimmer; when it comes to your brows, it’s important to see a specialist who can help shape your brows to match your face, but you should still get your own tweezers to pluck any suckers that pop up in between brow appointments.


7. Use Talcum Powder in Your Underwear

Your junk is naturally going to get sweaty—not your fault. But before you head out, dust some talcum powder (which can be purchased at a drugstore) down there and you’ll find that your friends downstairs will stay drier and fresher all night. This’ll give you the confidence to approach anyone, because you’ve got nothing to hide.


8. Get Scent-sual

Once you’re showered and dressed, a light misting of cologne applied behind the ears and on your wrists will leave your lady with a sexy impression that lingers. (Why do you think girls are always stealing our clothes?) Less is more, and whatever you do, don’t bathe yourself in it; accosting your date’s nose with a tsunami of musk and spice will leave her standing at least 10 feet back. Also, know this: Not all colognes are created equal. Instead of running to Macy’s or CVS and buying the first bottle you see on the counter, head to a perfumer and take the time to pick out a fragrance that you love and reflects who you are.


9. Groom Your Personal Space

Just in case you get lucky and she decides to come back home with you after dinner, your pad better be clean, because your living space is a direct extension and reflection of who you are and how well you care for yourself. You think she’ll want to get into bed with you if your digs have zero feng shui, not to mention nasty hair clippings stuck on the bathroom floor? For the love of God, pick up after yourself and clean up your living space. For bonus points, give your place some ambiance with a few musky candles and flowers. (All girls love flowers—it’s a fact.)


10. Brush Up & Smile!

Obviously oral hygiene is an absolute must, dudes. (Plus, greeting her with a warm, pearly white smile will stop her dead in her tracks.) Make sure you brush your teeth, floss, and even swish around some mouth wash right before you leave. To counteract those garlic breadsticks at dinner later on (hopefully you don’t take her to any place where those are unlimited), have mints or gum on hand to freshen up after you eat…and before you give her a goodnight kiss.

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