10 Ways To Be The Best (Not The Worst) Man
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10 Ways To Be The Best (Not The Worst) Man

Your buddy has just recently dropped the knee, set the date and has now asked you to be the best man. Congratulations! Every wedding and couple is different, so here are a few tips to help you live up to the title of best man.


1. Make things better

Your sole purpose as the best man is to serve the groom and make things better.  Throw selfishness out the door and help give your buddy and his bride one of the best days of their lives.


2. Plan a bachelor party that he will remember, but not regret

Have fun, but don’t get carried away. My suggestion is to go somewhere that everyone can have a great time while being smart and safe. My friends took me to a place with fast indoor go-karts, games, pool and food. I still talk about that night often.


3. Be affirming

There is a lot of pressure that mounts as the wedding day approaches. Your buddy needs your vocal encouragement.


4. Keep up with the groomsmen

Take it upon yourself to make sure the groomsmen are taking care of their responsibilities. Set a date for you all to go get fitted for your tuxes and follow up with those that can’t make it. It’s as easy as a couple of text messages or phone calls.


5. Don’t lose the ring

It may be obvious, but do whatever you have to do to keep up with the ring. Also, talk to the groom about when he wants the ring handed to him. That way you are prepared and don’t have to fumble for it when the moment comes.


6. Know what’s going on at the reception

I’m not saying you need to know the menu or the playlist, but try to be aware of the specific location and the general time you and the rest of the wedding party should arrive.


7. Prepare your talk in advance

Shorter is better. I recommend taking at least ten minutes at some point leading up to the big day to organize your thoughts so you can deliver a toast that will be both meaningful and intelligent.


8. Take it easy on the getaway car

Have a lot of fun decorating the getaway car, but don’t get carried away. Think about the amount of work it will take to remove items. You also don’t want to place, draw, or write anything on the car that would be embarrassing to drive around with.


9. Assist with post wedding cleanup

See this thing through! One of the best things you could do is to return the groom’s tux and make sure the wedding party returns theirs as well.


10. Have a special gift waiting for when they return

This is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the extra mile. If you have the ability, it is very cool and meaningful to have a simple gift waiting in the newly married couples home. Maybe it’s a movie gift basket with a DVD and some popcorn, or a gift card to a restaurant so they don’t have to worry about making dinner after arriving home from their trip. Get creative!

If you have ever been married or been an integral part of a wedding then you know that once the day comes, it moves fast. Remember to celebrate and have fun because in the end that’s what this day is really all about.


Matthew Young is a life coach, leadership trainer for middle and high school students, and the creator of Diaper-Dad.com, a blog focused on empowering dads to be their kids’ heroes. He currently resides in West Georgia with his wife and two kids. 

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