Sunglasses On Your Forehead
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Sunglasses On Your Forehead

We all have a friend who may poses what I call dysfunctional fashion intellect. He is usually the loud one at the party or he could potentially be the bouncer at your local gentlemen’s club. One characteristic that this friend usually boasts, as do some men with similar fashion dispositions, is that they usually wear their sunglasses as if though it’s a hair accessory.

If you’re guilty of having bad sunglass edict then this is for you, if you don’t care and insist on looking like an ass whole, then one day you will learn on your own. Of course we all know unless you are playing poker it is rude to wear your sunglasses indoors. Its takes away eye contact, which then makes you seem shady. Here are some rules we men should follow as it relates to sporting our shades:


  • Don’t Wear Them On Your Forehead –

    You may think, “Oh I am running a quick errand at the post office, let me place my specs on my forehead”, why don’t you just start wearing your wife’s hair accessories while your at it, what’s the difference?  And bald guys, there is no excuse for you, don’t think we are going to let you slide.  When you implement this act of douchieness, well any Bruce Willis type sex appeal you may have had, just goes down the drain.


  • Don’t Wear Them On Your Baseball Cap, Especially Indoors

    Where does this crap even come from and why would anyone follow such a trend. Besides stretching your frames and potentially ruining your glasses, this is what I call being double rude, you are wearing a hat and your glasses on top of them? The genteel thing to do is to remove the hat and unless you are Bono, remove the glasses.


  • Don’t Wear Them On The Back Of Your Head

    Thought it couldn’t get any worst, this is showing people that not only your neck is RED because of the way you tan, but that you also have bunch of fat back there that is fighting off gravity and holding your shades.


Oh yeah, one more tip for my underground techno DJ friends along with any man who wears a V-neck t-shirt: Thanks for the peepshow because that is what happens when the weight of your frames, pull down your collar. I’m not sure where in the Manual of being a man it states to show off your curly dark chest hair. Unless you are trying to scare all the women and children in your neighborhood, I would suggest otherwise.

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