DNA and Grooming
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DNA and Grooming

When it comes to DNA, most people probably think of the OJ Simpson trial in a case when DNA profiling was used to examine genetic material. The easiest way to explain how DNA relates to your grooming habits is this: DNA makes up the cells of your skin, which work around the clock to restore any damage that may occur.

When your skin’s DNA becomes damaged it can lead to many health issues, including skin cancer. Anyone who bakes his body in the sun is a prime candidate for DNA damage. Today, the sun is much stronger than it was a decade ago, which is leading to new allergies, irritations, and lesions regarding DNA damage. DNA mutations can also be inherited from your parents. If you’re interested in having your DNA tested for the sake of checking up on your own health and wellbeing, perhaps start looking into different services that can test your DNA for you, such as this DNA test Honolulu HI facility that’s able to send your results digitally with any DNA complications or health concerns you should be aware of.

So this is all about your health, by now, I either have your attention, or I don’t. If you care about the health, longevity, and the appearance of your skin, read these key points:

  • Research tells us that simply one individual cell can undergo around one million DNA variations per day. And there are approximately 60 trillion or more cells in the body. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) can damage the DNA in skin cells, which can increase the risk for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.


  • Another buzz kill is UV radiation, for all our friends who spend time in tanning beds. UV light is even present on cloudy days when you think you’re safe from burning.


  • Most cases of melanoma occur after your 40s, but that skin damage spans all the way from childhood.


So, how do you repair DNA damage, since you can’t prevent it?

  • Try to avoid outdoor activity during the middle of the day, from noon – 2pm. This is when the sun rays are the strongest.


  • Wear protective gear, like a visor, hat, long sleeve shirt, and most importantly, sunscreen.


  • Protect the delicate skin around your eyes and wear sunglasses. This area is the first place a man shows signs of aging.


  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. Cover your entire face, including your lips, which is often the last place we men think about. Your lips are one of the first features women notice, but if you’re going for the unweathered, unsexy look, then let the sun damage your lips. Otherwise, wear lip balm with SPF.
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